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Low wavelength and high energy, UVC light can damage the molecular structure of DNA(Desoxyribonucleic Acid) and RNA(Ribonucleic Acid)in the cells of microorganism(pathogens such as bacteria, virus, spore)

Thus the cells can’t regeneration, and the bacteria and virus lose the ability of self-reproduction. Therefore, the UVC LEDs can be widely applied in different disinfection products for water, air and surface sterilization.

However never look directly into the UV light. Long exposure to UV light is dangerous. It's like being in the sun for too long.

Due to high power and high efficiency it can NOT be powered by phones. Phones provide 5 times less power than USB outlets which make devices not as efficient as it was designed.

Please do not use the light continuously longer than 5 min. Due to high power it may overheat